You can grow your money exponentially when you invest in the right assets. In 2020, you can make a sizeable return-on-investment with the right moves.

Here are the top ten investments you should consider in 2020:

1. Market

Everyone wants to have an insured investment. Investing in the right market will help not only to keep your money safe but also to let it grow from then on. 

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2. Trading commodities

Trading commodities is one of the largest markets that spread across the world. You can trade raw materials and agricultural products. Since they go around the world, there are different prices, and you can gain profit from the difference.

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3. Foreign Exchange

Forex operates under the difference between each country’s relationship. It’s a more skill-based investment that takes into account the rise and fall of certain currencies’ values, along with current events. You gain profit by taking advantage of selling money that has increased value in other countries.

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4. Facebook

Facebook has been successfully skyrocketing its earnings in the past few years. Trade experts say that social media will still be one of the dominating investments this 2020 as the social media site has grown on a 30% revenue within 2019.

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5. Art Shares

Investing in art is like investing in stock funds since they operate almost the same way. Regularly, numerous artworks are sold all around the globe, with prices ranging in a high bid. In 2018, the return for arts within the art market was 10.6%, and its rates will continue to grow in 2020.

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6. BlackBerry

Though BlackBerry has lost its headlines over the past few years, this doesn’t mean it won’t be able to make a comeback as this company has sold over thousands of cellular gadgets for some time now. The return is up to 23% at the end of 2019. 

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7. Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ripple are developing new technologies, and they could be a worthwhile investment in 2020.

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8. Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds are one of the most legit companies that will help you have a secured investment this 2020 as they give you a broad range of stocks as well as decreasing the risks of being scammed from other companies. Returns have been 13% for some time now since an expert said that they might increase the rate on the gains. 

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9. Your Digital Identity

This digital golden age filled with social media and Youtube influencers has paved the way for companies investing in real people. You can invest in your digital identity in 2020. Create a LinkedIn account and start publishing your opinion, or create an Instagram account and curate your profile. You can also create content on Facebook until you reach over a hundred thousand followers. These efforts will help you earn in the long run.

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10. Defensive Stocks

A defensive stock is considered to be stable regardless of market conditions because there is always a demand for defense products like guns, ammunition, tanks, armor, and other weapons. In 2020, it’s said to increase as tensions run high in the Middle East.

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What smart investment are you making this 2020?

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