Everybody is looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Get in the Thanksgiving fever by watching great Thanksgiving films while waiting for your turkey to cook. Whether it’s indie, comedy, or romance— this list will get you in a grateful mood.

Here are the ten Thanksgiving movies you should watch this season:

1. The Blind Side

Based on a true story, this film is about a family who adopts a homeless teen named Michael Oher. And with the loving support and efforts of the mother, played by the award-winning Sandra Bullock, Michael went on and became an all-American, professional football player. The Thanksgiving scene makes it a holiday classic.

a lady and a man in a football uniform

2. Home for the Holidays

A classic Jodie Foster film, the movie revolves around a single mom forced into spending the holiday with her family. A fun mix of comedy starring the 90’s A-list stars like Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr. make this a classic Thanksgiving hit.

a family picture and a lady looking up

3. Scent of a Woman

Who doesn’t love an Al Pacino movie? This film is about a prep school student, who agrees to take care of a blind and retired army vet played by Al Pacino, for Thanksgiving. Little did this young lad knows that his life will change with this veterans lessons about love and life. Indeed a film to watch with your family and friends.

two guys wearing suit and winter jacket

4. Rocky

Rocky released during the holidays of 1976, and the crowd was genuinely impressed with the memorable Turkey Day scene found in the film. Starring young Sylvester Stallone, enjoy this action-packed film with your family.

a boxing poster

5. You’ve Got Mail

This Tom Hanks classic film is a love story that a lot can experience. It’s a modern-day love story that started in a chatroom around Thanksgiving Day will be a great, feel-good movie for everyone. 

man hugging a woman form behind

6. Tower Heist

A star-studded film starring Ben Stiller, Gabby Sidibe, Ben Stiller, and Matthew Broderick join forces for a holiday heist adventure. They plan on robbing a wealthy hotelier who ripped them off with a fake scheme, so they fight back with LEGOS, a fake Thanksgiving Day parade, and many more.

close up shot of two men behind a tower

7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Reminisce on your childhood days with a good old, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown tandem. Introduce the Peanuts character to the younger generation as they celebrate Turkey fay with food, football, and lots of fun.

a drawing of a dog on a yellow background

8. Addams Family Values

Not your ordinary family, indeed! Join the Addams family as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a lot of creepy and twisted events that you will enjoy.

picture of a group of people with a hand on the floor

9. Pieces of April

Enjoy a young Katie Holmes film as she plays the character of April, an outcast in the Burns family. She invites her family for Thanksgiving in her New York apartment and the adventure of this dysfunctional family ensues.

a lady holding photographs

10. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Another childhood favorite, enjoy half an hour with this fun and witty cat, Garfield. Watch his crazy and funny adventure that will give you a walk down memory lane. 

cat and dog cartoons

What movie are you excited to watch?

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