Top 10 Things To Prepare Before Traveling


Traveling has always been something we always look forward to whether it’s for vacations, business meetings or some “soul searching.”

You may have your outfits planned out and your itineraries ready, but you still have other important things you need to pack up that you can’t seem to break down due to the busy schedules.

Lucky for you, we got it covered! We have listed down 10 important things you need to prepare and shouldn’t forget to pack before leaving.

top 10 things to prepare before traveling

1. Passport and Other Travel Documents

This should be the topmost priority on your list, everything from your passport, visa, plane tickets, identification cards, and other travel documents. 

It is important that you keep them together and place them in a case so that you won’t get them crumpled or wet.

You need to keep them safe and accessible so that you can just easily take them out of your hand-carry, in case you have to chase your plane or your train.

Remember, these are your keys to a new place, guard them with your life.

2. Pen and Notebook/Notepad

We are living in a generation where everything just comes easy with a smartphone at hand, but you can never underestimate the importance of handwriting.

As a traveler, you should know that everything is fast-paced, especially at airports where you have to fill-up immigration documents and other travel papers. 

This is where you’ll grateful to have a pen in hand. It saves you from borrowing and wasting your time waiting for someone to finish writing. 

On the other hand, notebooks/notepads, especially the pocket-sized ones, comes in very handy too in case of low batteries and gadget malfunctions. 

You can easily draw maps, sketch your view, and write something about your trip on paper.

3. Phone and Powerbank

We can hardly leave the house without our phones at hand, so it should be easy to remember this. 

Your cellphone is multi-functional and will always be your traveling buddy, that’s why it’s essential to have a power bank so you can recharge it wherever, whenever. 

Before traveling, make sure your phone/s and powerbank/s are fully charged. Keep them protected too. 

4. Credit Cards and Pocket Money

The daily expenses for your trip all depend on your cash and budget. You have to make sure that you have some cash at hand, better yet place it in a safety bag that can be attached to you, but hidden wherever you go (and of course not ruin your outfit too). 

Here’s a little trick: you can always hide some cash in your shoes, socks, or some secret place where you’ll feel safe. Make sure it doesn’t make you uncomfortable at the same time. 

Credit Cards and Pocket Money

5. Medicines

It is best to prepare medicines in case of emergencies. List them down, only bring what is needed and seal them well. 

It is important to have your travel medicine or vaccine especially if you travel in a foreign country. 

For the prescription drugs, make sure you also have them packed in sealed containers and color coordinate them if possible. 

We never know if your prescribed drugs are available in other places. So, it’s best to buy your travel supply ahead of time and bring a little extra too just in case.

6. Universal Adaptors

Now, this is important because not all gadgets are compatible with the socket of the place/s you’re going to, especially if it’s overseas. 

Always have a universal adaptor in your bag ready – it’s a life saver!

7. Toiletries and Other Utilities

Traveling light is the trick, but you always have to pack your daily essentials as well.

Yes, I’m talking about your toothbrush, mouthwash, wet and dry tissues specifically. Put them in a small pouch in your hand-carry and only bring what is necessary.

8. Travel Mug/Tumbler

It is necessary to bring drinking water wherever you go.

Sure, you can just easily buy a bottle of water everywhere. But, spending a lot for plastic bottles and throwing them away is just like throwing money and harming the environment at the same time.  

That’s why you can never go wrong with packing a travel mug/tumbler along with you. By doing this, you can utilize your money for other enjoyable things like food. But the best part is you helping the environment and making a change.

Travel Mug/Tumbler

9. Jacket/Cardigan

Although this item is arguable, a jacket/cardigan can have multi-purposes. 

If it gets cold at the airport while waiting for your flight, it keeps you warm. If you don’t have a cap or an umbrella when you are outdoors, you can use it as well. 

In conclusion, your jacket/cardigan will come in handy during your travels. It can be a perfect accent for your outfits too!

10. Disinfectants

It is essential to keep clean during travels.  

Bringing your disinfectants is as important as bringing your toiletries and other necessities. 

While you are out there exploring the world, you should take care of your health as well. 

Top 10 Things To Prepare Before Traveling

I hope this helps you in your next travel. Have fun and learn from your experiences! 

(And don’t forget to always be mindful!) 😉

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