Top 10 Things You Should Do To Jump-Start Your Week


Let’s face it, we all come to a point in our lives where we just can’t seem to face the dreaded “Mondays” most of us hate. A pop quiz from our major subjects at school, reports we need to complete at work, scripts to memorize – most of these things just burn out the energy in us and now all we ever want is to fast forward to the weekend.

But hey, we can all snap out of it, right? Rather than focusing our time on the reasons why this week can be more stressful than the last, why don’t we focus our drive with all the reasons why it’s going to be a week better than the last?

With that said, here are the top 10 things you should do to jump-start your week.

top 10 things you should do to jump-start your week

1. Stretch when you wake up

It may sound a bit odd and regular at the same time but yes, stretching the moment you wake up works. 

According to science, stretching actually aids in relieving stress and anxiety. Moreover, it can also help in solving body issues such as headaches and indigestion. In addition, it also has a calming effect on the body.

2. Meditate for 15 minutes

After you’ve pressed the “snooze” button for the nth time, take time to meditate. It pays off to actually begin your mind with a blank canvas. Try to contemplate everything you have to do for the day. You can even stretch it out by writing out your to-do lists for the week. It aligns your body and gives it direction to know what to do for the upcoming days.

3. Wear your best

Dressing up is power and it can actually affect how you deliver yourself (especially when it comes to your bosses). Wear your best uniform, have your make-up on point, style your hair, wear those favorite heels, rock in your new trousers, and be confident. I assure you, confidence is key. 

Remember, dressing to impress never hurt.

make up

4. Listen to a podcast

Of course, listening to your all-time favorite jams gives you a feeling like no other. But before that, how about you begin with a five to ten minute moment of soaking in some motivational advice from your mentors by listening to a podcast? It feels amazing just listening to these life coaches giving you all those steps-to-having-an-amazing-day kind of thing while you’re on the way to school or work.

I’m pretty sure Rob Dial from The Mindset & Motivation podcast would agree?

5. Jam to your favorite playlist

After you’ve gathered some motivational advice from the podcast you just listened to, pump up your system and kill all the negativity with your favorite songs. 

Good beats and good songs can always set anyone in a good moodeven a fun karaoke session will do.

6. Take a quick moment to thank someone

Gratitude is always the name of the game.

We always have to live a life of appreciation. Take a quick pause, grab your phone, text or DM someone and tell them how grateful you are for them.

Or probably, you can just look up and thank the man above?

thank you

7. Do a good deed

It may be in the streets or whatever establishment you are going to, doing some good deeds never hurt anybody. An act of kindness is not necessarily as extravagant as donating your $2,000 check to a dog shelter, it can merely be simple acts of love such as helping an old lady cross the street, throwing your trash properly in the trash bin, or even lending a hand to someone bringing their heavy bag of groceries.

These simple actions will definitely change your life.

8. Check-up on someone you love

Love can always make the world go round. Why not make love make your day too?

Humans as we are, we somehow end up like robots trying to always find our way in completing routines. But no, we always somehow need to use our digital devices for a purpose.

Get off facebook, stop scrolling through twitter, and CHECK ON SOMEONE YOU LOVE. It may just be a short message or a shared link to this funny video, but these random acts of checking on them may make their day more than we ever know it. A quick “How are you?” can go a long way.

9. Let it rain (with compliments)

Fill your mouth with compliments and let it rain!. The world is already as bad as we know it and we do not need more negativity in our lives. We need more compliments so other people feel the same way too.

Appreciate, let the compliments rain down, fill your day with positivity, and the universe will bounce back all its positive energy to you.

10. Observe something random

How about you take time to stop that quick trans on your news feed and look around you– Look at that dog seeking shelter on a rainy day. Space out and appreciate how that plant in a pot is actually the thing giving out oxygen out of all the carbon dioxide emissions the world gives, fix that clutter in the extra desk at your office- observing something random or something you don’t think about much helps you realize a lot of things.

And more importantly, makes you realize about all the good things in the world.

Now, are you ready to jump-start your week?

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