Social media platforms have evolved to include creative monetization ways. Facebook boasts of the most monthly user base, while other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat are niche social media sites in their own right. Regardless of which one you use, there’s a creative way to use it for making money.

Here are the top ten ways that you can earn on social media:

1. Become a social media ads specialist

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing vehicles in recent years. If you have the know-how and the willingness to learn, you can earn as an ad specialist. An ad specialist helps companies and businesses with their ad campaigns to ensure maximum return of interest.

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2. Be an influencer

An influencer is someone that has a considerable following, driving his or her followers to patronize various products or services. You can earn as an influencer when brands connect with you to offer partnerships and promotional chances.

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3. Submit paid reviews

Brand social media pages, especially those for shops and restaurants, need great reviews to have more customers. These reviews become their star rating, so they want to have the best grades possible. They may offer paid feedback to capable writers.

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4. Create a social media agency

Social media is in high demand, especially with companies and brands. If you have a team of well-versed social media specialists and managers, you can create an agency specializing in those platforms.

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5. Selling custom-made products

Personalization is a big thing nowadays. Since products all look the same, people often want to buy customized items. If you’re great with handicrafts, cooking, or baking, you can sell these goods on social media.

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6. Social media support

Most customers need a real person to address their problems and issues. You can also make money as a social media support for companies that are too busy to do it themselves.

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7. Stream games live

Facebook gaming launched last year as an effort to get revenue from streaming games, much like the Twitch platform. Since then, multiple fan pages have done game streaming, earning money from stars and their subscriptions.

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8. Create ads for your ecommerce website

You can create ads on social media and link them to an external website or blog. These advertising materials can help you promote your ecommerce products to a broader audience while paying considerably less than doing a search engine marketing campaign.

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9. Do social media dropship

If you don’t have your ecommerce website, you can do dropshipping through social media ads. Dropshipping is a method wherein you don’t have to keep a physical inventory of your products. You can promote a particular supplier’s products, and when you get an order, the supplier will ship to your customer’s address.

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10. Become a social media manager

There are thousands of brand fan pages that need help with their campaigns. You can make money as a social media manager for companies, and you can also become a community manager for their groups.

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Which money-making strategy are you doing on social media?

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