Top 10 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy At Work


Working can get really draining.

I mean, we all know how it works, right? We get to the office, turn on our monitors, and begin the day by simply going through all the things our boss demands us to do. Or worse, we could even be swamped with pending tasks that were still left on our desk from the previous day. From unending discussions in meeting rooms to the countless reports we have to prepare all day, working can really be a pain in the ass. 

But despite how work can make us dread each day, we can’t just let it rain on our parade, right? We need to take an extra step to ensure that no matter how exhausted we get, we keep a fit mind. Want to know how?

Here are the top 10 ways to stay mentally healthy at work:

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1. But first, breakfast

Even back in the first grade, we were taught about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Other than making sure our stomachs are filled and we won’t be physically drained before lunchtime, having this start-up meal helps in giving you that pump of energy before you hustle for the day.

And on top of that, eating breakfast somehow just puts your mind and body in the zone and into that working groove.

2. Plan and organize

We may have tons of pending work all lined up but it always pays to plan and organize. No matter how long the day may seem, it always pays to make sure you get to arrange in your mind your to-do list, and of course, make sure to rank them by urgency so you would also get to finish your deliverable on time.

Being able to plan and organize all the things you have to do for the day clears your mind and gives you direction to work efficiently for the rest of the day.

And also when we say organize, you might want to make sure your desk is clean and free from unnecessary clutter. 

3. Have a mind refresher

When your mind gets too exhausted, allow yourself to take a break from what you are currently doing. (Stare at something green to allow your eyes to relax.) Give yourself a 5- to 10-minute pause to relax your mind. Once you’re done, you’ll feel refreshed and you will be absolutely ready to get back on track.

4. Make sure to eat your meals on time

No matter the bulk of pending tasks, you always have to make sure to eat your meals on time. It’s a given how in moments when our minds are too cluttered with everything we have to finish, it automatically forgets the concept of hunger. Even so, make sure to track the time.

Feast on your lunchbox when its time to eat.

5. Create good and long-lasting relationships with workmates

It may feel awkward at first but it always pays to take extra efforts in creating relationships with your workmates. Most of our time in a week is dedicated to working and it would feel good to be surrounded with the feeling of familiarity 8 hours a day.

Now, this is the part where you need the extroverted you!

6. Find the time to laugh

It may be a meme on Facebook or a video your friend sent you, anything humorous never fails to crack us up into laughter. No matter the stress, find time to laugh. Bring those happy hormones in!

7. Keep an open mind

Don’t let heated discussions take a toll on you.Having to adjust to decisions we don’t really agree with never fails to get on our nerves. But, we cannot just allow this feeling to take over. Instead of beating ourselves up, why don’t we keep an open mind? Having this mindset allows us to be able to listen and understand people, more than just merely hearing what they said.

8. Throw away the negativity

Negativity never helped anything or anyone so why not trash the idea of it?

We can never control things that come to us but we can always control how we handle it. Look around you and appreciate the good. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are more reasons to be happy and thankful for than the things we should be bummed about.

9. Smile often

Exert your energy on happiness.

No matter the struggles in your day, always find time to smile. Never fail to give those big smiles and wide vibrant eyes to your workmates, your bosses, and your clients. This gesture goes beyond than just lighting up your day – it lightens theirs too.

10. Work wisely and manage your time well

While you’re at work, think smart. Make sure you get to budget and manage your time to avoid rushed works that would probably cause you to mess them up at some point. To avoid the stress, be mindful of what’s urgent and what’s not, of things that have a longer timeline for completion and those that don’t. This will help you to work more efficiently.

Lastly, never forget that when working hard, always reward yourself with playing harder. How about a little karaoke night then?

We hope this article helps! 🙂

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