Top 10 Weirdest Fruits

Fruits come in all shapes and sizes.

But today, we’ll be going through some of the weirdest fruit you can find on the planet.

1. Durian

Sometimes known as the “King of Fruits”, the durian is known for its smelly odor and large size.

It can be found growing in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

It’s strange because some people find the fruit fragrant while others describe it as rotten onions and sewage.

The durian is a weird combination of sweet, savory, and creamy, all at the same time.

2. Screw Pine

Also known as “Pandanus”, the screw pine is quite a heavy fruit.

Even though it has pine its name, the tree is actually a monocot.

Its juice is said to taste like a combination of sugar cane and mango.

3. Jabuticaba

Native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia, the jabuticaba is a grape look alike.

It tastes sort of like a grape but much stronger and creamier.

4. Buddha’s Hand

The buddha’s hand can be used as perfumes, religious offerings, and even medicines.

It’s very strange.

Even though it’s a citrus, it doesn’t contain any pulp or juice, so its zest is mainly used.

5. African horned cucumber

Also known as “horned melon”, “hedged gourd”, or “kiwano”, the african horned cucumber is part of the cucumber and melon families.

The fruit’s taste is considered to be a combination of banana and passionfruit, or banana, cucumber, and lime.

6. Rambutan

The word rambutan comes from the Malay word “rambut” meaning hair.

Makes sense since the fruit looks like it’s covered with it.

Its taste is a mild blend of sweet, sour, and savory.

7. Salak

The salak is native to Indonesia but people are now producing all around Southeast Asia.

People also call it “snake fruit” because of its reddish-brown scaly skin.

8. Ugli fruit

The “Jamaican tangelo” or “ugli fruit” comes from the island of Jamaica.

The fruit is a hybrid between tangerine and pomelo that’s why it’s called a Tangelo.

9. Pitaya

Indigenous to the Americas the pitaya (or dragon fruit) is cultivated in Southeast Asia, Florida, Australia, and the Caribbean.

Its consistency and texture is very similar to a kiwi but its taste is much more bland.

10. Soursop

The last weird fruit on the list is the soursop.

This fruit is indigenous to Latin America. It smells sort of like a pineapple and is said to taste like a combination of strawberries, apples, and sour citrus.

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